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Job Search Handbook

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                    Now list five companies, or types of companies, for which you would
                    not work — even if offered you an appropriate job.

                        1. __________________________________________________
                        2. __________________________________________________
                        3. __________________________________________________
                        4. __________________________________________________
                        5. __________________________________________________

                        Keep in mind that occasionally an organization hires quality
                    people with potential even without a clearly defined need. By drafting
                    the best athletes they could get and then working them into positions as
                    they developed, the Dallas Cowboys built a Super Bowl team in the

                                       2 — Craft your Résumé
                        Write your résumé and target it to focus on your objective. Use
                    either a Functional or Chronological Resume, whichever best suits your
                    situation. (See section on “Writing a Résumé” on page 32)

                                   3 — Develop Your Reference Pool
                        Compile  a list of people who know something of your  work
                    history and can evaluate your  job performance.
                    Select people  who will be  comfortable speaking
                    positively and  candidly about you. Obviously  you
                    will exclude those who will not advantage you.
                    Generally speaking, there are three types of people
                    who you should consider as potential references:

                          Character references.
                          Job performance references — previous
                           employer(s) or high-level colleague(s).
                          Professional expertise references which may include clients
                           and competitors.

                        List several in each group who can be the most help; then contact
                    them by phone. Discuss your situation and ask if they would be
                    comfortable in giving you a good recommendation. While you are
                    getting permission to use their names, you can also get an idea of how
                    they feel about you. Refine your list to about two in each of the above

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