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Job Search Handbook

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                                  Search Strategies

                     There is no way to predict how a job search will go. All job searches
                   require a focused and persistent effort on your part. Your attitude is very
                   important during this time, and the best way to have good attitude is to
                   keep the big picture in perspective. Ask yourself: What is the purpose of
                   my work?
                     The job search is similar to any business activity trying to reach its
                   market. You identify your objective; you identify the resources needed
                   to achieve your objective; and you devise a well-thought-out plan to
                   reach that objective. Anticipate obstacles as they will arise, and adjust
                   your plan as the unpredictable occurs.

                                 Developing the Job Search Plan
                      It is important that you develop an overall plan in your job search.
                      Remember that you are marketing yourself to prospective
                   employers, and any good marketing campaign is based on a well-
                   developed plan.
                      The steps shown below outline a good strategy for working through
                   the job search process.

                         1 — Identify Your Employment Objective
                         2 — Craft Your Resume
                         3 — Develop your Reference Pool
                         4 — Networking
                         5 — Respond to Classified Ads
                         6 — Consider Temporary Employment
                         7 — Consider Consulting
                         8 — Consider Employment Agencies and Search Firms
                         9 — Follow a Daily Schedule, Plan / Work — Work / Plan
                        10  — Interviewing Guidelines
                        11  — Follow Up Your Contacts
                        12  — Negotiate the New Job

                             1 — Identify Your Employment Objective
                      What exactly is your employment objective? Is it for short term
                   employment, transitional employment or long term employment? Are
                   you skilled or non-skilled? Do you need an entry level job, or are you a
                   seasoned line worker, supervisor, middle manager or senior manager?
                      Work through the following questions to help you solidify your
                   objective. Answering the following questions will help you understand
                   your pattern of interests and abilities, and discover how equipped you
                   are for work.

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