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Job Search Handbook

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                                        4 — Networking
                    (Get the word out about you and the objective you are seeking. In
                    doing so you will tap the hidden job market.)

                       The most effective method of finding a new job is through your
                    contacts. People you already know and who already know you; these
                    are your family, friends, relatives, business relations, and church
                    family and are the most worthwhile and beneficial sources of job leads
                    because they might know potential employers. The vast majority of
                    jobs are found through one form or another of personal contact.

                       As you identify your contacts, it is essential that you identify
                    every individual who can possibly assist you in finding your next job.
                    Use the categories below to develop your network list. Use a separate
                    sheet of paper and write the names of all the people you can think of in
                    each of the categories. Do not evaluate their ability to help you at this
                    point, only make your list of names.

                    Network Categories
                       Use a separate sheet of paper for each of the following categories
                    and then list the names that come to mind.

                         Current or past employer.
                         Organizations where you have worked
                         Customers and clients
                         Vendors, service people, and suppliers
                         Church
                         College or educational institutions you have attended
                         Social organizations or professional associations
                         Other people you know who are looking for a job
                         Family and friends
                         Neighbors and community contacts
                         Any other sources

                    Qualifying Your Contacts
                       Once you have completed your initial lists, you should review
                    them to identify which contacts are:

                         Most likely to be the more valuable and productive,
                         Must get in touch with immediately,
                         Easiest to contact,
                         Better to postpone until later.

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