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Job Search Handbook

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                          ob market research tells us that in the course of an
                          individual’s working life, the average person will
                          change company’s they are employed with 5 times. If
                          an individual begins working at age 18 and Continues to
                   J      work until retirement at age 65 to 68, they will have
                   worked 50 years; and they will have changed employment on
                   average 5 times. I know that I have just been redundant, but the
                   average worker will have to go through the process of finding
                   employment at least on 5 different occasions.
                      The purpose of this pamphlet is to create methods and
                   procedures you can follow in the pursuit of finding employment.
                   There is no way to predict how a job search will go. Job
                   searches require a focused and persistent effort on your part.
                      Your attitude is very important during this time, and the best
                   way to have a good attitude is to keep the big picture in
                   perspective, and keep your eye focused on your target. Ask
                   yourself: What is that I do in my work, and how does it apply to
                   the current job market?
                      Your job search is similar to any typical business, and you
                   should consider yourself to be a business. All businesses reach
                   their goals by (1) identifying what the objective is; (2) identify
                   the resources needed to achieve the objective; and (3)
                   developing a well-thought-out plan to achieve the objective. If
                   these three steps are used by all successful businesses, won’t
                   they work for you? Of course they will, and you should use
                   them. Even when obstacles arise, these three steps work every
                   time, and you should anticipate obstacles; and you will adjust
                   your plan as the unpredictable occurs.
                      This pamphlet has been devised to help you identify your
                   objective, resources and develop your plan in the job search.

                      Please use it actively.

                   Good Luck,
                   Richard Skidmore

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