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Job Search Handbook

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                   In your thinking what would be an ideal company for you to work
                   for? (Describe this company in terms of mission, organization,
                   work activities, environment, processes, and values.)

                   1.  Mission:  _____________________________________________
                   2.  Organization: _________________________________________
                   3.  Work activities/environment:   ___________________________
                   4.  Values:  ______________________________________________

                   By answering the previous questions, you should know what you are
                   looking for and what you have to offer. Employers are generally trying
                   to meet a need. You are now in a position to clearly define how your
                   skills can meet their need. Remember that the key to business success is
                   to find a need and fill it.

                                       Ideal Companies
                      List at least five companies which you think meet all, or most all,
                   of the characteristics of the ideal company you have just described.
                   Where can you find those companies? Look in the Yellow pages under
                   the industry you are interested in; search in trade journals and
                   magazines. Then place a check mark before the names of the
                   companies that totally qualify, and an asterisk before those that come
                   close to qualifying.

                      Note: You will have to do some research to find out about these
                   companies. The local library, Chamber of Commerce, the Department
                   of Labor, and local colleges and Vo-Tech schools are good information
                   sources. Go directly to the company and contact the corporate
                   information officer or Personnel director to send you information. Your
                   network of friends is also good source.

                      1. ___________________________________________________

                      2. ___________________________________________________

                      3. ___________________________________________________

                      4. ___________________________________________________

                      5. ___________________________________________________

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