Calculating Agriculture

Calculating Agriculture prepares learners interested in agriculture how it affects them in life as consumers comprehend the mathematical concepts.† The text covers the fundamentals of Mathematics as applied to the industry of Agriculture

Instructors know that when students who are acquainted with the mathematics of the discipline they excel in their other Agriculture courses. This text is written for the student to become acquainted with and master the Agriculture mathematics discipline, and is easily functional for online learning.

Calculating Agriculture includes discussions on the mathematics in everyday Agriculture; explaining the basic concepts of business with emphasis on problem solving. It covers the arithmetic fundamentals decimals, percentages, Land, Soils, Fertilizers, seeding, breeding probabilities, Crops, Payroll and Wages, Harvesting, Storage & Packing, Silage, Feeds and Feeding, Large Animals for Beef, Sheep, Swine, and Dairying, along with Poultry Production. Explanations on Metric Measurements and calculations are covered. The student will solve typical Agriculture problems including the business aspects of simple interest, compound interest, Credit, Insurance and Risk Management, Asset Depreciation and Depletion; with problems in Agriculture business performance and success.

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When this text is adopted an Instructor copy will be sent to the department chair for each instructor teaching your departments Agriculture Mathematics class. The instructor copy includes detailed solutions for each homework problem similar to the detail you will read in the text.

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